The future of OSINT is here.

OSMOSIS – an Association for OSINT Professionals is the go-to source for collegial support, professional development, and mutually beneficial relationships that OSINT professionals need to succeed.

Membership Requirements

  • Potential members shall be of good moral character, entering or established and or any representative of a business/government/law enforcement/military actively engaged in some phase of OSINT.

  • Potential members shall submit application and complete all entries to be considered for membership. If they fail to complete the application, they will be notified and expected to complete and return the completed application within a 14-day period. If the applicant fails to complete the application, it will no longer be considered.

  • Entry of a judgement or order against a member in a criminal, civil or contempt action related to the status of the potential member as an OSINT practitioner.

  • Potential members are over the age of (18) eighteen years old.

  • No person shall be eligible for membership if that person has been a member, or is presently a member, or becomes a member of a subversive organization or any organization whose objectives and purposes are inconsistent with the purposes of the Association.

Select Your Membership Type

Standard Membership

  • Resource Library

  • Curated Educational Content

  • Expert Interviews

  • Career Opportunities

  • Discounted Training(s)

  • Special Conference Rates

LE / Govt Membership

  • All Standard Membership Benefits

  • Discounted Membership

  • Private Blog

  • Networking

  • LE / Govt Trainings Only

Student Membership

  • All Standard Membership Benefits

  • Discounted Membership

  • Internships

  • Mentors

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